Motionlogic is helping to improve local and long-distance mass transit services

Local public transportation

  • Capture of traffic data between urban districts
  • Analysis of how certain routes are used (train, bus, etc.)
  • Analyse des Umsteigeverhaltens
  • Insight into passengers’ behavior when transferring between trains or buses
  • Socio-demographic segmentation of public-transit users

Train and long-distance travel

  • Capture and comparison of road and rail traffic data
  • Passenger counts in trains
  • Analysis of routes, including information on transfers between multiple means of transport (train, bus, car)
  • Improvement of public transit schedules, including enhancement of frequency and avoidance of delays

Road traffic

  • Capture of congestion data and analysis of traffic flow and speed
  • Continuous monitoring of traffic levels
  • Assessment of busiest, most-popular routes (e.g. within a city)

Gas stations

  • Counting of potential customers that pass a particular gas station each hour
  • Data capture to better understand external influences on sales (e.g. road closures, competitor’s activities)
  • Analysis of the competition: counting potential customers that pass a rival gas station